A strong, independent woman is a jewel, to be sure. And one of the most fascinating facets of that jewel is the side of her that desires to be submissive. Granted, there are a few women who balk at this thought, but not many, if they are to be honest. Many women considered sexual submission to be an inborn thing, a fact of nature. It has been painted with negative connotations, but the fact is that there is nothing “weak” or “degrading” about a woman being sexually submissive to a man. Many in fact say that this makes a woman even more self-assured and confident, because only a strong woman is able to admit that she enjoys playing the role of a submissive in the bedroom.

A submissive woman can enjoy being dominated by a man (or another female), and can enjoy the use of everything from dildos to bondage devices, nipple clamps, butt plugs, handcuffs, etc. Submission for a woman can include anything from simply allowing a partner to take the lead in sexual escapades to being handcuffed and tied to the bed with silk scarves to being chained to a wall while being whipped with a ball gag in her mouth. For some women this remains at the fantasy stage because they fear losing some part of themselves if they indulge in their deepest, darkest desires. They may fantasize about letting a man wrap his hand around their neck and choke them during sex. They may fantasize a rape scene; in which they are forced to perform all sorts of deviant sex acts upon a stranger. They are not comfortable with admitting their sexual excitement at these thoughts, even to themselves. They refuse to acknowledge their attraction to the type of man who could make these fantasies come true. But for those women who are brave enough and honest enough to explore these interests, a whole new world is opened up. A world in which they look upon men during the course of the day as equals in every way, and then at night they kneel at the feet of a man, ready to be used for whatever purpose pleases him.

Many women need to realize that there is absolutely nothing degrading about being submissive to a man sexually. A dominant male recognizes his woman for the treasure she is, and he cherishes her. He sees to her pleasure just as he sees to his own, and both parties get the satisfaction they desire.

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